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IPCOR is a publisher of websites dealing with health, fitness and recreation topics. Our goal is to provide you with concise information on a wide variety of items related to these topics. All of our websites are designed along the following lines:

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You will find fitness information and articles on our sites like:

Fitness Walking - to promote weight loss and improve your overall health. Walking for exercise is becoming increasingly popular as a way of losing weight and keeping in shape without putting a lot of stress on your body. Fitness, or exercise, walking is also an excellent way to keep your heart in good condition.

Fitness for women - based on a foundation of proper diet, aerobic exercise and strength training. This site presents fitness topics from a woman's perspective. The basis of our fitness model is:

  • aerobic training like exercise walking or jogging

  • anaerobic strength training like weights or a workout machine

  • diet considerations

Marathon Training - for the increasing number of runners participating in this event. This website will publish training tips and news on marathon running. There is a special section for newcomers to the marathon event.


Women's Fitness article:

 360 Fitness

We believe fitness and weight loss or maintenance depend on a total approach. For example, just going to the gym won't necessarily cause you to lose a lot of weight (although it will help tone your muscles!). Similarly regular jogging or walking will help you lose weight, but it does not guarantee you will be healthy and never get sick. Lots of runners have had heart problems and cancer just like everyone else.


So what is the 360 approach to Women's Fitness?

Quite simply it is a balanced approach to fitness that includes the following:

  • Proper dieting for weight loss and weight maintenance,

  • Aerobic exercise like fitness walking, jogging or aerobics classes for heart and lung conditioning

  • Anaerobic exercise for muscle toning and overall strength

  • Meditation for the mind!

Of course each of the above has more benefits than we have listed here, and the individual web pages on this site will cover these in more detail. If you are thinking of joining a (women's') fitness program, make sure that at least the first three above are included. The mental aspect is important too, and you need to embrace the idea of the all-round approach to keeping fit.


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The Power Of The Mind

How to use the power of your mind to achieve your goals and get what you desire in life.

Natural Cleanse

The power of cleansing to improve your state of health.

Ways To Quit Smoking:

This site outlines the best ways for you to give up the smoking habit.

Get in Shape:

A website for women who want to get in shape, lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

26.2 The Marathon Website:

An informative website with all kinds of information about the marathon. Lots of helpful marathon training hints.

Fitness Walking:

A comprehensive site for people interested in exercise walking as a way of getting shape.

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